June 2, 2022

Sustainability is Community

The Broadway Exchange is working to make theatre accessible, for everyone, in brand new ways through our digital collectibles and community. Part of our commitment to community and accessibility is the environmental sustainability of our collectibles. We care about our planet and our community, which is why The Broadway Exchange is 100% carbon neutral and 99.95% more energy efficient than traditional NFTs.

“At The Broadway Exchange we are not only excited to build with the new technology of blockchains but also to help push this technology into a more ecologically sustainable solution. To this end, our blockchain uses a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism that consumes only a fraction of the electricity used in Proof of Work mechanisms. What’s more as we continue to expand our product and build in interoperability across other public chains our commitment to sustainability will drive our decisions around partnerships, technology selection and innovation.”

— Tim Rich (Chief Data Officer of The Broadway Exchange)

Environmental sustainability isn’t just important to The Broadway Exchange, it is a part of our foundation, and will impact every decision we make as a brand and on the behalf of our community as we evolve.

We are proud that our community is one that cares about each other and the world. That’s why it is essential that we are clear about our intentions in the theatre space and in the world. By that same token (so to speak), we are purchasing carbon offsets to neutralize our impact on the environment and keep our carbon footprint in check. What matters to our community, matters to us.

Join the community at BwayX.com and access your favorite Broadway shows in brand new and sustainable ways.