November 3, 2023

Latest Drop: Spotlight Series

We're excited to announce a partnership with actors to launch a first-ever series of digital collector cards that showcase and support Broadway actors and Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS. BWAYX partnered with Broadway stars Amber Ardolino, Robert Creighton, JJ Niemann, Cara Ricketts, Jeremy Stole and Jason Veasey to launch The Spotlight Series, a limited edition set of digital collector cards with AI-generated images and interesting facts about each of them.

“Given the challenges facing live theatre in the US, and with SAG-AFTRA striking to secure a fair deal for actors and creators in a world of AI and streaming, we believe fans are looking for ways to support the actors they love and feel like they are part of a solution that benefits everyone,” said Ron Guirguis, CEO of The Broadway Exchange.

The Spotlight Series Packs

The limited-edition series is available for sale now at Collector cards are sold in mystery packs of three cards. Like baseball cards or Pokémon, fans won’t know which cards they get until they open the pack. Each pack costs $6. Importantly, $4 from each pack goes directly to the actors, and $1 goes to support Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS.

Jeremy Stolle partnered with BWAYX on this project because he believes that technology can help transform the theatre experience for both shows and performers. “Technology has shifted the way we experience art, culture, and entertainment,” he said. “I think this exciting new digital initiative is a great way for people to celebrate the Broadway experience, connect with performers and help support the theatre community.”

Based on the success of this pilot, BWAYX plans to grow the series to include additional actors, designers and other theatrical creators. The cards will be designed as dynamic 3D objects that spin and animate to showcase both images on the front and interesting facts about the actors on the back.

Empowering Artists with AI

Each actor has four cards based on styles inspired by social media trends: Action Figure, Fantasy Character, Animated Character and Artistic Portrait. The images are first created using a few different commercially available AI text-to-image models and images provided by the actors. BWAYX’s creative team transforms the AI outputs using standard graphic design tools like Adobe Creative Suite, altering nearly every pixel with human input to ensure they reflect the actor’s likeness and interests and increasing the overall picture quality five-fold.

There is no cost to actors and other theatrical partners to participate, and cards are designed with their consent and collaboration, ensuring the creators own and directly benefit from the use of their IP.

“We wanted to turn the current conversation about AI and art on its head,” Guirguis said. “Actors in the Spotlight Series own the images we create based on their likeness, have full creative control over the process and are directly compensated based on gross sales. Ownership, consent and compensation are essential to integrating AI into the creative process.”

Collect Multiple Packs and Earn Rewards

BWAYX users can collect sets of cards (e.g., the Amber collection, the Action Figure set) to be entered into a lottery to win an autographed physical frame of the collected set. These elegant frames are created by Infinite Objects and allow you to hold your digital collection in your hands.

Add the Spotlight Series to your collection today!