June 15, 2023

Apple Pay Comes to BWAYX

We're making it easier to login and purchase BWAYX digital collectibles.

First, we're streamlining our login and sign-up processes and adding a new security feature – Magic Link. You'll now be prompted to login from a link sent to your email. This eliminates the need to remember a password to login and makes it easier to begin collecting and earning rewards.

Additionally, we're making checkout even easier by adding support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Link by Stripe. You'll now be able to use these options to purchase digital collectibles alongside our continued support for credit card payments.

Finally, in late 2023 we'll be launching a new unified collection experience that will bring your Dapper wallet collectibles and BWAYX collectibles into a single gallery. We're testing this feature now and will have more updates in the coming months. For now, you'll see 2 separate gallery tabs – "My Dapper Wallet Collectibles" and "My Collectibles" – when you log in to BWAYX. New claims or purchases will show up in "My Collectibles" and all previous digital collectibles will be viewable in "Dapper Wallet Collectibles."

Rest assured, all your collectibles remain safe and secure. If you have any questions or encounter any issues when logging into your account, please contact us at support@bwayx.com.