February 1, 2023

BWAYX is Moving to Flow

By Ron Guirguis, CEO of The Broadway Exchange

Dear Theatre Lovers,

By now you’ve probably heard that The Broadway Exchange has partnered with Dapper Labs, the biggest name in fan-based digital collectibles, to relaunch our marketplace on the Flow blockchain.

We are so grateful to the thousands of theatre fans who have joined BWAYX to start building their theatre collection. And with some big shows launching in the coming weeks on BWAYX, we’re entering a new period of excitement with many more theatrical partners and creator content to come.

With all of this going on, we wanted to take a moment to explain what this move means for you, why we’re doing it now, and what you can expect going forward.


Let’s start with what Flow is and why we’re so excited. The Flow blockchain was purpose-built by Dapper Labs to provide a fast, powerful and energy efficient platform for digital collectibles to be bought, traded and shared by millions of fans. It is the home of passionate fan communities from the NBA, NFL and UFC all the way to Mattel’s Barbie and the likes of Fraggle Rock and Dr. Seuss.

By relaunching BWAYX.com on Flow, we will significantly improve the overall experience of The Broadway Exchange. Fans will be able to play games, enter challenges with other collectors and even use their collectibles as passes for real-world events. And of course, fans will still be able to collect, trade, and share their favorite moments. In fact, sharing is one of the features that’s even better on Flow, with the ability to share to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and even use your collectibles as social avatars and PFPs.

The move also gives our users access to Dapper Wallet, the simplest and most secure way to buy and store digital collectibles. Not only does Dapper Wallet make it easy and safe to purchase collectibles with a credit card in multiple currencies, but it also connects you to the world of digital collectibles on Flow. That means that the more than two million users already on Flow will now have instant access to BWAYX and our full theatre catalog; and at the same time, our users will be able to explore all that Flow has to offer in sports, culture and beyond.

Finally, we chose to partner with Dapper Labs (and our platform partner Gig Labs) because they are the leaders in fan-based digital collectibles, with the most advanced teams that are continuing to innovate and enhance the fan experience. Importantly, we also share the same values around sustainability and inclusion. Flow is one of the most sustainable blockchains at scale in the world and a BWAYX digital collectible on Flow will consume less energy than a Google search or an Instagram post.


When we launched BWAYX in May 2022, we always intended it to be a beta offering that would evolve over time. Over the past eight months, we’ve launched digital collectibles for seven show partners, from Girl from the North Country and 2:22 A Ghost Story to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and others, and we’ve been blown away by the incredible response from the theatre community and fans around the world. In the past 8 months, we’ve grown to more than 3,500 active users, more than 4,000 followers on Instagram and more than 40,000 followers on TikTok. We’ve signed a dozen show partners and are talking to many more.

Given this amazing momentum, we knew that now was the time to take our platform — and what it can do for our theatrical partners and their fans — to the next level.


As we make this transition to Flow, there are few things you should look out for:

First, for our existing users, your collection is ready to be migrated to our new platform. You should have received an email with with details about how to register on the new site, and there is also an FAQ that walks you through the process. It takes a few steps to register, but you’ll, but you’ll only need to do it once and then you’ll be set up in the most secure and dynamic community for digital collectibles out there. Within 48 hours of registering, we’ll automagically migrate your collectibles to your new wallet. If you have any trouble at all — either with registering or with getting your collectibles — just reach out to us at support@bwayx.com and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

Second, are the new show partners that we’re launching on Flow. You’ll notice only a few show partners highlighted at first, as it will take us a few days to bring all our existing show partners over to the new platform. In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be announcing a number of new shows on BWAYX, with some of the biggest productions of the season joining our community and integrating digital collectibles into the fan experience. We are so excited about how much enthusiasm has emerged for digital collectibles among the biggest shows on Broadway and beyond and we can’t wait to bring them all to you.

Finally, after the move to Flow is complete, we’re going to be launching a new marketplace within the BWAYX platform: A Creators’ Marketplace. This is where creators — actors, writers, choreographers, as well as set, costume and makeup designers — will curate digital collectibles based on their personal creative intellectual property and that of their friends and colleagues. In addition to being able to collect original pieces of digital art from your favorite creators, it is an incredible way to support the artists who make Broadway and live theatre possible, because 90% of the profits will go directly to the creators.

In the end, the only thing more exciting about this move to Flow, and all that it makes possible for our partners and our theatre fans, is all that we have coming up in terms of shows, creators and amazing experiences for all of you. And this is all just the beginning.

Thank you for your incredible support.


Ron Guirguis,
CEO and Co-Founder
The Broadway Exchange and MuseWorks Labs Inc.