June 3, 2022

Fostering a Theatre Community on Discord

“Imagine a place where you can belong to a school club, a gaming group, or a worldwide art community.”


That’s Discord. Here at The Broadway Exchange we are using this amazing platform as a place for our community to connect with each other and Broadway from anywhere in the world.

Discord is a social platform that offers its users access to group voice and video calls and most importantly communal instant messaging. It’s used to facilitate conversation and shared time, in organized groups or simply between friends. Users can join servers, which are communities of people interested in the same thing, like a particular musical, book, or sports team. Within these servers, there are channels to organize content and conversations- for example, The Broadway Exchange has channels on our server where we post news about our community, our partners, and upcoming drops, a channel for our favorite fan art, and so on. Discord is free and easy to use, and accessible to anyone with a device that can access the internet.

Discord also allows us to share premium content with our collectors! The Green Room is a private Discord channel exclusively for fans who have joined The Broadway Exchange and started collecting. In The Green Room, members gain early access to future releases, opportunities to win free tickets to Broadway shows, discounts on merchandise at the theater, connections to actors, writers, directors, musicians, and producers, and much more.

Discord defines itself as, “a place where you can belong.” The Broadway Exchange values and is creating brand new, exciting spaces where everyone belongs. That is why we are utilizing Discord to give access to our community to as many people as possible. We can’t wait to talk theatre with you!

Check out The Broadway Exchange Discord here and gain access to a community of theatre lovers and events!

Register with The Broadway Exchange and start collecting here in order to be eligible for The Green Room private channel and gain access to premium content and much more!