• BWAYX has moved to the Flow blockchain and Dapper Wallet in partnership with Dapper Labs.

BWAYX is bringing Broadway to the Flow blockchain

The move to Flow and our Dapper Wallet integration brings significant upgrades to the BWAYX marketplace experience and unlocks new ways for you to celebrate your favorite theatre moments, play games and enter challenges with other collectors, and even gain access to real-world events with collectible passes.

And you'll still be able to claim, trade, and share your collection with all your friends.

Read more about this exciting news here.

Your existing collection is ready to be transferred to Flow and Dapper Wallet

Because we’re moving to a new blockchain, you will need to sign up again on the new platform.

It's a simple process – just register with your email address for a Dapper Wallet and follow the prompts to connect your Dapper Wallet to BWAYX.

Once you've registered, we'll transfer your existing collection to your Dapper Wallet within 72 hours.

To ensure a seamless transition, please be sure to use the same email address you previously used to registered on BWAYX.com

Check out our FAQ for step-by-step instructions. If you encounter any difficulty, feel free to contact us at support@bwayx.com.

Transfer Your Collection

©2023 Museworks Labs. All right reserved.

©2023 Museworks Labs. All right reserved.

©2023 Museworks Labs. All right reserved.